Lama Fera is a powerful healing technique which has been used since 620 B.C. Lama means the follower who follows the philosophy of Gautam Buddha.

The benefits of Lama Fera:-

  • Freedom from negative energy.
  • Helps in blood circulation, digestive disorders, all issues related to body & mind.
  • Balances physical & spiritual energy.
  • Freedom from tensions, worries.
  • Makes active, alert & self confident.
  • Problems related to business, property, other difficult matters can be healed.
  • By learning this, your, other’s problems, business property problems, other difficult matters can be healed.
  • After treatment, Lama Fera leaves the body full of power and one keeps glowing.
  • Freedom from tensions, worries.
  • Gives inspiration to become a karma yogi.
  • Direct healing and effects on the root cause of diseases.
  • The attainment and development of awareness, enlightenment and knowledge.

Lama Fera is a technique practiced by Tibetan Lamas for a long time. It combines the teachings of Buddha with healing practices to create a method for making the journey between life and death peaceful and easy.l

Our existence is composed of three planes: the physical plane, the astral plane, and the spiritual plane. The flow is governed by seven major energy centers called chakras.

Sometimes, energy blockages occur due to psychic attacks, black magic, or entity attachments, leading to negative consequences such as poor health, mental issues, financial problems, and even accidents.

Lama Fera healing aims to awaken the soul and release its blockages by channeling the powerful energies of Lord Buddha, Sangha, and Dhamma. This process helps balance the energy fields in all planes, allowing for a smoother flow of energy through the chakras and restoring balance in the elements of the body.

By achieving this balance, both male and female energies are harmonized, and the person can be completely healed from negative influences. Lama Fera also includes an energy sealing process that prevents future energy leakage and protects against further attacks.

When purification, healing, and energy sealing are performed on all planes, a person can become free from negativity. Lama Fera is a potent healing modality capable of removing various challenges, such as negativity, black magic, spells, entity attachments, karmic blockages, critical illnesses, and financial obstacles.

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